Muzzle loader Shoot


Match Rules:

1. Safety Glasses and Hearing Protection required at all times.
2. Safety inspection of equipment.

  • RSO has the right to inspect shooters equipment.
  • If ruled unsafe by the RSO firearm shall not be used.
3. Only muzzle loading firearms shall be used.
4. Firearms shall be carried with the muzzle above the shooters head and pointed straight up.
5. Firearms placement between relays after the command "CEASE FIRE" shall be pointed down range
6. No blowing down the barrel or placing the head in front of the muzzle.
7. All Flintlocks shall be loaded with the Frizzen open.
8. You may swab between shots with the hammer at half cock. No firearm will be loaded or caps snapped until the command "COMMENCE LOADING AND FIRE" is given.
9. No loaded firearm shall be taken from the firing line during a misfire without RSO's permission.
10. Ammunition is to be patched round ball only.
11. No synthetic patching material shall be used, no plastic Sabots.
12. Propellant shall be black powder or BATF approved substitute.
13. Powder horns and flasks shall not be poured directly into the muzzle but into the measure first. The horn and flask shall be removed from the firing line.
14. No open containers of powder allowed on the firing line.
15. Ignition shall be Flintlock or old style percussion cap.


Let’s Shoot the way our forefathers did it!

Get those Muzzle Loaders out of the closet and off the wall.

Shoot them the way they were used to build this great country of ours. From the early Flintlock ignition of the revolution to the Percussion period of the Civil War.

Those of you who have not shot Muzzle Loaders, we will give you tips on how to use them. We have members who have done it before.

The matches are $5.00 per target entry. Instruction is free!

Come and enjoy the fun and the smell of Black Powder!

This event is held the fourth Saturday of every month.
The Match starts at 8:00 a.m.