1. The Shotgun Coordinator (SC) is in command of the shotgun match.
2. The RSO assigned to the shotgun range is responsible for safety.
3. All shotguns must be unloaded with actions open except when on the firing line. Unloaded shotguns with break open action may be racked in the closed position. All other action types must be open.
4. A safety rope shall be used to block off the ready areas when it is forward of the firing line. No one is allowed forward of a hot firing line.
5. All guns will be unloaded with actions open while transversing between firing points.
6. In addition, the Club’s General Range Safety Rules apply.


1. The Duty RSO operates and is responsible for safety on the Public Pistol Rifle Range.
2. Firearms are not to be uncased or handled during a cease fire.
3. All shooters not going down range during a cease fire must stay behind the red line.
4. Shooters will pick up their spent cases, clear the area, and return target and loaned equipment to the range shack.
5. During a cease fire all firearms are to be unloaded, with actions opened for inspection, and muzzles pointed downrange.
6. In addition, the Club’s General Range Safety Rules apply.

Range Safety Rules


1. All shooters must sign in and read safety rules prior to shooting
2. All commands/instructions from the Duty Range Safety Officer (RSO), Shot Gun Coordinator (SGC), or Pistol / Rifle Coordinator (P/RC) will be complied with immediately.
3. All cease fire commands will be coordinated between the Shot Gun Range and the Public Pistol Rifle Range. The Range Officer controlling the Pistol/Rifle Range shall operate the range cease fire sign and the officer controlling the Shot Gun Range will operate the trap house flag.
4. There will be no handling of firearms during a cease fire.
5. No shooter shall load a firearm or point down range when personnel are forward on the firing line.
6. Shooters are required to check firearm bore for blockage before using firearm.
7. Alcohol may not be consumed on the range. Drugs banned by federal statute are banned from the range.
8. All firearm malfunctions will be inspected by the Duty RSO or Shoot Coordinator. All shooters will immediately stop the course of fire and wait for a proper inspection to be conducted before resuming the course of fire.
9. All persons must wear appropriate eye and hearing protection while on the range.
10. Shooter under the age of 18 years old must be accompanied and supervised by an adult legal guardian. Military personnel and emancipated minors are exempted.
11. There will be no horseplay, practical jokes, or poor personal conduct that would increase risk of accident to members or guest of the Club.
12. We reserve the right to refuse admittance to anyone.
13. Pets are not allowed on the firing range.
14. No shooting at wild life or rocks, bottles, or foreign objects brought on the range.
15. Fifty caliber smokeless powder firearms may not be fired on the range except under special controlled conditions.
16. Any child so small that cannot wear eye and ear protection are not allowed on the range.
17. No rapid fire allowed except for controlled shoots rapid fire being defined as more than 1 shot every 3 seconds.
18. No shooting of tracer, incendiary, armor piercing or steel core ammunition. Please see our list of unauthorized ammo HERE.
19. All targets will be placed in a manner to direct the projectile into an approved berm. There will be no down range firing beyond the provided berm.
20. The High Desert Rod and Gun Club will not be responsible for loss or theft of shooter’s property.
21. No cleaning or working on firearms at the firing line. The exception of the rule is new barrel break in and scope or sight adjustments.