David Miller Memorial Rifle Match

Rifle Match
Rifle Match
Rifle Match

Important Information:

We have only 10 firing points. You may reserve a point to fire on by sending an e-mail to melcflint@aol.com or talking to Mel, AFTER the preceding match-no permanent reservations.

Reservations will be taken in order of arrival. If the line is full, you will be informed. If you are not going to make it after making a reservation, please let Mel know so he can fit in the next person in order, who will be notified via e-mail.

This event is held the second Saturday of every month.
Gates open at 7:15 a.m.

The Match starts at 8:00 a.m.

For more information and reservations, please contact Mel at

Basic safe use of rifle and pistol can be made available by NRA certified RSO's at no charge.

Juniors & Adults - All Calibers!

Two Categories:
• .22 Rimfire "Long Rifle" caliber rifles
• All other caliber Rifles

Any sights (metallic or scopes) and any type action may be used in either category. NRA rules as appropriate to our range will be used.

Firing Position:
Competitor may use any of the following positions - Standing, Kneeling, Sitting, Prone or From the Bench. Sandbags may be used under the rifle forend only, mechanical rests may not be used.

Course of Fire:
Category 1 will fire 20 record shots on A-23 targets at 50 yards, 4 times.

Category 2 will fire 10 record shots on TQ-4 targets at 100 yards, 4 times. There will be a sighter target and a 20 minute firing period each time.

Eye and ear protection is required. Match operation and safety will be explained before the match. Competitors must attend this session at 7:45AM.

Any safety violation will result in disqualification. No ammunition may be loaded in the rifle in any way until the command "LOAD" is given, and all rifles will always be pointed down range.

Trophy to first place winner in each category, with one for each 3 in each category that has 3 or more competitors for the aggregate score of all 4 firing times. The range officer will score targets.

Entry Fee:
$10 per competitor.

NRA membership is not required (all shooters should be members of NRA to protect our right to own firearms). Bring a junior to begin competitive shooting!