Steel Challenge

Steel Challenge
Steel Challenge
Steel Challenge

No Membership required:

Cost is $5.00 per firearm used. Watching is FREE!

Children welcome!  
(must have basic firearm training and be accompanied by an adult)

This event is held the third Saturday of every month.
Gates open at 7:15 a.m.

A required safety meeting is held at 7:45 a.m.
Shooting starts after the safety meeting.


Click the picture below to go to practiscore website. Search matches. Registration usually opens about 2 weeks prior to the event.

Questions?  Call Dick Johnson 760-835-6495

This event is held the third Saturday of every month.

Basic safe use of rifle and pistol can be made available by NRA certified RSO's at no charge.

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Latest Scores:

Get the latest scores from HDRGC Steel Challenge at Practiscore. Click picture to go to Practiscore website.

Rapid Fire at Steel Targets!

• Shooting from 10 to 25 yards
• Any firearm firing .22 LR, pistol or rifle
• Any handgun up to .45 caliber

This is a low-key approach to the shooting sports

  • Timed NSSF event (View the video below)
  • Knock-down steel figures

About 100-150 rounds……..5 magazines desirable but not required
Eye and ear protection required. Holster OR gun case or rug.
No dress code.  However, those wearing open toed shoes or sandals usually regret their choice.  Ladies wearing low cut tops (hot brass catchers) almost always regret their choice.

Please view our Gallery Pictures to see all the fun!

Watch some clips from our Steel Challenge:

You can also view more videos by visiting our YouTube channel here: click here